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"30 EASY Raw Food Recipes From Part of My Own Program That Helped FREE Me and CURE My Breast Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Sinus Infections, Digestive Problems, Allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Sleeping Problems, Headaches, Gum Disease, Celiac Disease, Chronic Fatigue and Many Other Ailments.


 I Lost Weight FAST Naturally Too! --- YOU Can Benefit Too from My Raw Food Diet Recipes Starting 2 Minutes from Now!"


"These are just SOME of the EASY raw food recipes that I created and developed and used as PART of my own program to CURE MYSELF of BREAST CANCER NATURALLY - and ALL my other ailments miraculously disappeared as a result! And YOU can benefit from my experience too as so many of my friends, family and followers have!"


raw food recipes


"Helen's EASY Raw Food Recipes!"



by Helen Hecker R.N. 


Yes it's TRUE – I cured myself naturally of breast cancer and dozens of ailments! I suffered for many years with aggravating sinus infections, sinus headaches, stuffed-up nose, and bronchial problems.


I had fibromyalgia, disturbed sleep, aching muscles, no energy, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic gum infections and bleeding gums, canker sores, strep throat, shingles, hospitalized with pneumonia and lots more and finally a life-threatening breast cancer diagnosis in 1999!!


 I Found My Own Cure!!!!


I turned down ALL conventional breast cancer treatment including chemo, radiation, surgery and the drug Tamoxifen, which they wanted me to take for 5 years, and developed my own natural anti-cancer program


I knew all about conventional cancer treatment from my nursing career and mother's experience and wasn't going to have any part of cutting, burning and poisoning my body and suppressing my immune system when I knew I needed to BOOST it!


I won’t go into my whole program here - that will come in a future book but these are some of the raw food recipes I used and still use today along with plenty of fruits and living vegetables to help cure myself of breast cancer -- and lo and behold all the other ailments I had disappeared – all of them in the first month that I changed my diet! I'm still in perfect health today!


Although I eat only raw foods, these raw food diet recipes will help boost anyone's immune system and will help anyone who now eats a poor diet including the typical standard American diet (SAD).

I'm Never Sick!  raw food


Because of my change in diet I'm never sick, only need 5 hours of sleep each night, have tons of energy, work out on machines and lift weights in a health club, play tennis 3 times a week, power-walk daily, hike on the weekends, run a long-time business, enjoy an elevated mood, have normal blood pressure, no osteoporosis, no vision problems, no digestive problems of any kind, no weight problems, no health problems, etc.

raw foodI Have Muscles!


I have lots of muscles too.  There is plenty of protein in fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.  I'm strong and haven't eaten any meat, dairy or grains since 1999 AND I'm a great-grandmother too!


A basic raw food fact -


          ● Foods heated above 104-118 degrees, depending on who you talk to, are considered cooked. Your body cannot survive above temperatures of approximately 103-104 degrees. So what vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes can possibly be remaining in our cooked food?


Enzymes are required to help digest our food. The heat from cooking changes the structure of the enzymes so the body isn’t getting the help it needs to digest our food and has to tap our lifetime emergency supply to aid in digestion. What happens when these enzymes run out?


raw food  Lose Weight Without Trying!  raw food


Do you know that when people go on primarily raw food diets they lose weight rapidly? Actually it truly is the best natural weight loss diet and nutrition in the world. One you can stay on easily forever. And people are eating the healthiest diet on the planet besides! They aren’t eating dangerous high-protein or high-carb diets or any other restrictive or nutrient-deficient diet – some of which can cause serious health problems.


A diet of predominately raw foods can easily be maintained for a lifetime. But just adding a higher percentage of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds to your diet and a little help with nutritious, fun, truly healthy, luscious recipes will help extend your life for many more years, happily and pain-free through optimum health.


When I started eating all raw foods I dropped 10 pounds so fast I couldn’t believe it! So I just increased my calories and my weight maintained.  I didn’t have more than ten pounds to lose.  Today I weigh only 105 pounds or so and I'm 5' 6".


Easy Recipes!   

 raw food


I've used some of my best and easiest recipes in this ebook because it's exactly what I needed a few years ago when I desperately searched for a diet to help cure my health problems. I no longer suffer from any ailments and eat a healthy diet every day!


In my easy recipe book I've included all the details I can think of to help you in the easy preparation.


My ebook has already helped hundreds of people think about foods in a totally different way. If you suffer from health problems you know how miserable it makes you feel and affects your life every day.


Believe me-- you don't have to suffer if you make some healthy diet changes. And what you see in mainstream America  is not a healthy diet. If you have kids who are suffering, these delicious recipes will help them too!


Not only is your physical health seriously affected by cooked food intake but your MENTAL HEALTH is affected too.   Raw foods give me lots of highly-charged energy and keep my mood levels up!


raw food recipes


raw food Fudge - Pie - Cookies - Milkshakes - Burgers! 


My recipe book includes 30 raw food recipes and most if not all of them are easy, at least I've tried to make them easy.  I've developed these raw food recipes myself over the past few years.  I have created/developed many others but am sharing a few that I think are important for the raw food beginner. These will get you started in the right direction. You'll find:


            raw food recipesIncludes desserts such as fudge, candy, cookies, pie, pudding, frosting and beverages such as milkshakes, smoothies and juice, dressings, salads, burgers, pates, spreads, dips, crackers and more!


            raw food recipes All recipes are gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, meat-free, soy-free, yeast-free and grain-free!


            raw food recipes Tasty recipes, no hot spices used!


            raw food recipes No bland or blahhh recipes!     


            raw food recipes No preservatives, additives or chemicals!


            raw food recipes No hot stoves, ovens or microwave ovens to use!


             raw food recipes These are all recipes that I use often and love!


             raw food recipes All recipes are created and/or developed by me!    


             raw food recipes Important facts about raw food you can put to use now!


Get my book of starter raw food recipes along with the complete detailed explanation of each recipe so you can immediately get going on the road to perfect health!


I use foods that give you the best body building nutrition and the best anti-aging nutrition - all are healthy and nutrition-dense foods.


For each raw food diet recipe I've explained where you can get the ingredients if you don't already have them, the kitchen equipment needed if any, preparation time (all between 5 and 20 minutes or so) and a 'quick list' of ingredients at the top of each recipe so you can see at a glance what ingredients you need and other personalized tidbits about each recipe and how I used the recipes, etc.


 raw food   No Junk Recipes!    raw food


If you've ever leafed through a raw food cookbook (actually an un-cookbook) you'll find, like many people have, that they can be overwhelming. Most have just jammed a lot of recipes into the book with no explanation as to why they are good, any helpful tidbits, or why you should even bother to make them.


My recipes are all created or developed by me and are thoroughly explained.  I haven't included any recipes that have ever failed me in any way.  I won't waste your precious time even though I could plump up the book with a lot of junk recipes to fill space as some cookbooks do.


Some of the recipes require a food processor and/or blender. Both can be found cheaply at garage sales if you don't have them now. Four of these recipes will need a food dehydrator – there are many of these for sale, cheap, used.


We've sold hundreds of this recipe book for just $9.95 and the price will be going up soon--not sure when, but it will go up, we're working on it.  Join the hundreds who have already benefited. Get your copy now! It's in electronic format - you'll download it instantly to your computer and get started today!  Digital delivery is instant and secure.


This is a small investment in your good health — you'll spend a lot less for this ebook than you would spend for drugs and doctor visits.


I won't make any wild claims that you'll lose weight and enjoy superior health with my recipes but if you change your diet to a diet with more or a lot more living foods, you'll see the benefits for yourself including losing weight naturally and fast and you'll start feeling better almost immediately. Many people have dramatic changes in their first month of eating living foods. I know I did!!!!!!!!


Get started today! You can stop your suffering NOW and enjoy life again by changing your diet!  I'm not saying these raw food diet recipes will cure you of anything and I don’t mean to mislead you in any way. These recipes will help you get started in the right direction.


Save yourself agonizing hours of searching the Internet for a HEALTHY dietary solution. I know, I've been there. You'll find hundreds of misleading, expensive so-called 'solutions', many of them designed to part you and your money!


I know you'll benefit and turn your life around for good!   Get my recipe book now and get started!


Oh-- I have a 100%  money-back guarantee too!  Just let me know within 30 days, no questions asked! 



raw food recipes



"Helen's EASY Raw Food Recipes!"



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To Your Good Health!


Helen Hecker R. N.


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P. S. Start turning your life around by adding more raw and living foods to your diet. Foods that are ALIVE will energize you and boost your immune system, fighting off diseases and painful ailments, stopping other ailments and diseases in their tracks and preventing many other medical problems from starting. Start sleeping better and enjoying your life more! You don't have to be sick and tired! Energize your life! Get my easy recipe book now!



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