Leftover Carrot Pulp and Raw Recipes

I've been juicing carrots for 12 years!  After a breast cancer diagnosis 12 years ago I immediately started a raw food diet and drinking lots of carrot juice. (Cured myself with raw food I might add.) About a quart and a half a day then but now about 2 glasses a day. So I've always had lots of leftover carrot pulp from my juicer to use for vegan raw recipes.  You may be wondering what to do with carrot pulp and I include a few ideas here plus some facts about carrot pulp you may not know. Raw Food Recipes

Leftover Carrot Pulp Recipes to Try

Using leftover carrot pulp I've made raw crackers, undehydrated and dehydrated raw carrot cookies  and raw carrot cake, carrot pulp desserts sometimes using the dehydrator and sometimes not  and lots of other easy carrot pulp recipes, all gluten free. You can also make raw carrot pineapple cake, raw soup, raw mock tuna and raw macaroons, which are always made with shredded coconut.

However I've always wondered what was left in the pulp after I took the life blood from the carrots.  I'm not sure much is left in the way of nutrients but at the same time hate to waste the carrot pulp and there is fiber so is no doubt healthy compared to cooked food using carrot pulp. The best recipes have been for raw crackers and raw carrot cake if not too much nutmeg is used.

Wet Carrot Pulp or Dry Carrot Pulp

If the recipe also involves dehydrating then that is another step away from raw to consider. But with the limitations of the raw diet to raw foods it's no doubt best to expand your recipe choices as much as possible is you're a raw foodist so occasionally I fix something with carrot pulp.  But all carrot pulp is not the same. Depending on your juicer you may have wet pulp or dry pulp.

Using Carrot Pulp from Second Juicing

Wet pulp is not a good sign because you're leaving so much of the nutrients in the juice in the pulp.  For juicers that make a wetter pulp I have tried putting the carrot pulp back through a second time or even a third but if you test the second pass separately you'll see it comes through oxidized -- dark in color.  So a second juicing may not be good either.

Hopefully your carrot pulp is dry, however that may change the recipe.  If you do have wet pulp try pushing the carrots through much slower or consider buying another juicer. Champion juicers usually have wetter pulp I've found. If you haven't bought a juicer yet always get a good demo first and check out the carrot pulp.  Make sure it takes leafy greens like kale easily. My Green Life juicer was always good for juicing leafy greens before it died after 10 years with several times- a- day daily use.

Sweet Carrot Pulp

Also some brands of carrots are sweeter than others.  The Bunny Luv brand is usually very sweet and this will make a sweet carrot pulp.  Many other brands use a variety of carrots that aren't quite so sweet.  It may be hard to discern this after tasting raw.

If you’ve never tried using leftover carrot pulp in a recipe before the best start would be to make a raw carrot cake or a raw carrot pulp cracker.  Carrot cake is faster and can be made and eaten without dehydrating, which requires a good dehydrator such as an Excalibur. Raw Food Recipes

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